It Works!

ninjasuit2000-netwinder at ninjasuit2000-netwinder at
Tue Dec 28 01:15:54 EST 2004

I finally figured out that the problem is that I
accidently formatted the hda1 partition as ext3 when I
swapped the drives to install the new image. I
managaed to boot this time via tftp and nfs root and
wipe the drive and put a proper filesystem on it along
with the nw-9 image

Everything seems to be working as advertised, I even
installed yum to do some automatic updating. I'm
curious though if there is a way to have yum fetch
SRPMS and then build them on the fly...

Also, I've seen some mention of nwlilo, but couldn't
find any good info on it from google. Any info would
be awesome.


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