My Netwinder is back...

Gareth Woolridge gareth at
Fri Dec 10 06:36:43 EST 2004

Well its taken me a while admittedly, but my netwinder is now back up and

Admittedly, Ive got debian on it, just as a personal choice thing since I
use debian at work.

I acquired a second hand 20GB hitachi laptop drive, and its certainly a
lot quiter, less clunky, and more stable than it was before.

Ive made a .deb package of kernel-image-2.4.25-vrs-nw1 from the sources
and patches Ralph supplied me with about a year ago, plus Ive added the
ebtables patch with bridge-nf to enable iptables interaction with the
bridging code.  No idea if that bit works yet, but it compiled up and
seems stable.  I'll get round to testing the extended functionality in the
new year.

Its good to be back...

Gareth Woolridge

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