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Mrs. Zarina Al-Usman a.zarina at
Wed Nov 2 10:24:04 EDT 2011


My name is Mrs. Zarina Al-Usman, I am 59 years old and I was diagnosed for cancer for about 2 years ago. I have being lying critically ill at the hospital since January 12th, 2010 when I was recently diagnosed with Hypoglycaemia.

I am not in the position to disburse these funds myself as a result of my health. I decided to will it to you so you can help me disburse the funds to some charity organization in your country; am helping you, so you can develop the time to disburse these funds on my behalf. I decided to WILL/donate some huge amount which was left over by my late husband; I know for sure you will be surprised if such things still happens, believe me the doctor says my chance of survival is very low

Arrangements have been made with my attorney on how these funds should be transferred to your account from my bank. The necessary documents have been signed and ascertained. I am in an Intensive ward where I do not have access to receive calls as a result of my health condition.

You are to work with my attorney who will assist in these funds transfer to your account. The State tax have been paid on the day of deposit with the Bank. I will give you the contacts of my lawyer as soon as I hear from you.

Meanwhile you are advised to keep this mail and its contents confidential as I really want my wish accomplish at the end of the day without any of my relatives knowing about these funds, please do remember me in your prayers as I give you the assurance that this is legal.


Mrs. Zarina Al-Usman

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