Mario Bernier mabernier at
Sat Jan 9 08:47:42 EST 2010

Good Day/Good evening. First eval, i must tell you that i am a person 
extremly honnest and loyal. I have asked many lender the sumn of 
$70,000.00 canadian on 120 months. All were ready to lend, but i asked 
not to pay fees before i get the loan. They all said there were no fees. 
When came the time for transferring the funds, it was different, well, 
they all came up with transfer fees. It's not that i don't want to 
contribuate but i just don't want to pay for something i don't have or 
even better, i will never have. Please if you are not serious, don't 
even reply to this message. I am willing to pay alot for the loan. So 
it's up to you to determine if we can do business. P.S. Are you at the 
end going to ask for money like others do. They run the transacton till 
the end and then they ask for money. Sometime i almost make deals but 
still, it look like nothing will have to come from my pocket, but no, 
there is always a fee.


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