Mark Anthony markinbox at
Sat Apr 3 16:00:16 EDT 2010

I greet you as I write to invite you as a partner.

I have outlined plans in conjunction with my colleague in the cargo handling department to legally assign a beneficiary to a box deposited with us for onward delivery by our customer who died in 2004. We have discovered it contains money which came from various contracting jobs he executed.

I am writing basically because of your location, and also because he departed leaving no will.

At the moment, it is in our company storage-facility without a claimant. The content was not officially declared; therefore it is better to put it into use for good purposes rather than let it remain in the vaults. You will be given complete procedural details of how we intend to genuinely achieve this objective.

I do not have information about your competence, but this is a great opportunity that can be consummated on the background of sincerity and openness.
Your response is anticipated.


Mark Anthony
email: marksedds at

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