xirc2ps_cs now completely unusable

STEPHEN POWELL zlinuxman at wowway.com
Mon May 18 21:20:20 EDT 2009

Dear PCMCIA developers,

I was referred to this list by Mr. David Hinds.

I run the Debian distribution of Linux, and it appears that
somewhere between the Etch release (Linux kernel 2.6.18)
and the Lenny release (Linux kernel 2.6.26) the xirc2ps_cs
driver has stopped working completely.  See the following
Debian bug report for details:


I appeal for help.  If the current maintainer needs a card to
test with, I think I can provide one.  But please don't ask for a
card unless your ARE the maintainer and you ARE
going to try to fix this problem.

Respectfully yours,
Steve Powell

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