[BUG? kernel 2.6.32-git10] 3com 3c562 multifunction card does not work

Komuro komurojun-mbn at nifty.com
Wed Dec 16 07:25:26 EST 2009


>> The mac address of 3c562 becomes ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff
>> and no startup message appear for serial.
>> This card works with kernel-2.6.32-git7.
>Hm, there didn't happen much in PCMCIA land between git7 and git10:
># git log --pretty=oneline 3ef884b4c04e857c283cc77ca70ad8f638d94b0e..f4054253
2e96dda5506eb76badea322f2ae4731c drivers/pcmcia/ include/pcmcia/
>11bd04f6f35621193311c32e0721142b073a7794 Merge branch 'linux-next' of git://g
>15ea76d407d560f985224b65fe59c9db01692a0d pccard: configure CLS on attach
>which only seems relevant for CardBus. Nonetheless: could you try commenting
>out the line "pci_set_cacheline_size(dev)" in
>drivers/pcmcia/cardbus.c:cardbus_config_irq_and_cls() ?

Even if I revert the "pccard: configure CLS on attach" manually,
3com 3c562 still does not work.

Best Regards

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