Mario Bernier mabernier at
Fri Dec 4 18:36:28 EST 2009

Hi! First I am Mario Bernier, I live in Longueuil in the province of 
Quebec,Canada. I am looking to borrow $65,000.00 (canadian) on 120 
months. I ahve been dealing with all kind of people. Scammers,Scammers 
and Scammers. They were all asking for money. I talk insurance fees 
witch is not a needn according to P2P loan offers. Also, transfer fees 
at the bank, fees to open files, fees for lawyer, etc.etc. If you have 
no fees whatsoever, i am you man. There must be an honnest person 
somewhere on this planet. I am a very honnest person. I make everything 
possible to accomplish tasks and resposabilities. I can provide you with 
all identity required to make it possible. Thank you to the one (he or 
she) who will reply to this request.

P.S. All the fees like fund transfer,lawyer,file opening,insurance, at 
least, i don't send any money before i get the fund.

Mario Bernier

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