[2.6 patch] ARM: always select HAVE_IDE

Sam Ravnborg sam at ravnborg.org
Sun Apr 27 16:29:29 EDT 2008

> > 
> > I do actually not care much how this gets resolved (we could even 
> > ditch HAVE_IDE and provide asm/ide.h on all architectures) if there's 
> > general agreement that this is the way to go.
> Seems like a way to go now that all crazy IDE core code vs arch code
> inter-dependiences have been fixed (the ideal solution would be to ditch
> asm/ide.h completely but this requires some more time/work).

I invented HAVE_IDE in the past to make it trivial for arm to
use drivers/Kconfig.
And that incentive are not broken by your suggestion so fine with me.

But I really do not know about s390. They were the only one
without IDE in the past.


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