[RFC] cardmgr to pcmciautils mini-howto

Daniel Ritz daniel.ritz-ml at swissonline.ch
Tue Oct 25 17:35:29 EDT 2005

On Monday 24 October 2005 09:55, Bob Tracy wrote:

i think the whole pcmcia-cs-works-better-for-wireless argument is not quite valid.
think about 54mbit cardbus WLAN cards. they are _not_ handled by any script from
pcmcia-cs because they show up as normal PCI devices. and in fact cardmgr
won't even notice when you insert such a card. so i'd say it _needs_ to be
handled in the net hotplug script (/etc/hotplug/net.agent) _anyway_.

[side note: the conversion to a real bus and real hotplug support (and
 letting cardmgr die) is the only right thing to do. IMO it _simplifies_
 the whole picture a lot.]


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