Sierra Wireless CIS [Was: Re: Epia MII 10000, 2.6.13-mm2, cs: pcmcia_socket0: unable to apply power]

Sander sander at
Fri Oct 21 09:54:50 EDT 2005

Hi Dominik,

Sorry for the delay. I became father and had to adjust priorities.

Dominik Brodowski wrote (ao):
> The CIS in /sys/class/pcmcia_socket/pcmcia_socket0/cis looks to be
> useable, even though the two additional bytes confuse me. But decoding
> it (using dump_cis -f from pcmciautils, run "make debugtools" to
> compile it) shows no difference.
> So, I'm quite curious why serial_cs doesn't attach. Could you check
> (by adding debug printk()s [if you're not confident in how to do this,
> I'll send you a patch]) whether serial_cs.c::attach() gets called?

Is it called 'serial_attach' in 2.6.14-rc4-mm1? That is the only
matching function I could find.

I'll try to insert some printk()s but I don't exactly eat source code
for breakfast :-)

FWIW, 2.6.14-rc4-mm1 and pcmciautils-010 don't make a difference yet.

I'll follow up.

Humilis IT Services and Solutions

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