linux pcmcia - 'unable to apply power' problem

Paweł Pałucha pawel at
Thu Oct 13 11:31:35 EDT 2005

Hi, I had problem with 'unable to apply power' message while inserting 
PCMCIA card. I was able to resolv it using information from, so I 
send some comments:
- the 'unable to apply power' problem was casued by memory address problem
- it was a desktop machine with Intel i865GL chipset, integrated 
graphics (Intel Extreme) using RAM memory and Ricoh RL5c475 rev 81 (PCI 
ID: 1180:0475) PCMCIA to PCI converter
- machine had 512 MB RAM (some used by graphics), PCMCIA tried to use 
address 0x1f00f000; I had to force it to use address under 512MB 
(0x20000000) using 'reserve=0x1f00f000,0xfff000' kernel options

Pawel Palucha

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