Steven Rostedt rostedt at goodmis.org
Thu Oct 6 13:13:31 EDT 2005

On Sun, 2 Oct 2005, Mark Knecht wrote:

> The only problem I had over the last few days happened with
> 2.6.14-rc2-rt7. One time, when attempting to shutdown, the machine
> hung after the 'Unloading Alsa modules...[OK]' step.

Acutally it may be the next step.  Do you have pcmcia configured?  I've
been noticing that my system has been locking up on shutdown of the

Ingo, here's the patch.  This should probably go upstream too since it can
happen there too.  The pccardd thread has a race in it that it can
shutdown in the TASK_INTERRUPTIBLE state.  Here's the fix.

-- Steve

PS. Thanks for the info on quilt ;-)

Index: linux-rt-quilt/drivers/pcmcia/cs.c
--- linux-rt-quilt.orig/drivers/pcmcia/cs.c	2005-10-06 08:03:56.000000000 -0400
+++ linux-rt-quilt/drivers/pcmcia/cs.c	2005-10-06 12:48:02.000000000 -0400
@@ -689,6 +689,9 @@
+	/* make sure we are running before we exit */
+	set_current_state(TASK_RUNNING);
 	remove_wait_queue(&skt->thread_wait, &wait);

 	/* remove from the device core */

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