Cardbus firewire + USB card causes trouble when inserted

franck.tirard at franck.tirard at
Wed Oct 5 10:18:44 EDT 2005


I have exactly the same pb as Venkat on a Thinkpad A21e (type 2655-B1G). The
combo card contains an ALi combo controller M5271.
Doing an lspci -vv gives the presence of a second bus with an ALi USB1
controller M5237 (with a prog-if 10, hence usb-ohci). Amazing...
Not necessary to tell you that nothing works at all. Wouldn't it that IBM has
locked the PCMCIA interface of the Thinkpad to their PCMCIA cards ?
Do-we have something erroneous in the software of the TI PCI1410 Cardbus bridge
in the kernel ?
Completely lost, and about to re-partition my hard disk to put Winblows again...
Though I had abandoned it 3 years ago.
Anyone has an idea ?

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