[Bug 3638] pci_restore_state() makes PCI1211 hang system

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Sun Jan 30 20:21:41 EST 2005


------- Additional Comments From mjg59-kernel at srcf.ucam.org  2005-01-30 17:21 -------
Still present in 2.6.10. If I comment out pci_restore_state in yenta_socket's
resume function, the machine resumes successfully. I then need to do the following:

setpci -s 0a.0 8c.b=72,12,2c,01
setpci -s 0a.0 80.b=60,f0,64,00
setpci -s 0a.0 90.b=c0,82,64,61

at which point modprobing yenta_socket will work and I can use PCMCIA correctly.

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