Dual Voltage Card Problem

Jeff Fern sf at fcse.co.uk
Tue Jan 18 05:10:38 EST 2005

Hello all,

I am running a Debian 2.6.10 kernel on a Epia Mini-ITX board with onboard
Compact Flash slots using the yenta socket drivers.

I am having a problem with an AudioVox GPRS compact flash card. When I
insert the
card I get the following entries in my syslog:

cardmgs[3746]: socket 1: GPRS Modem
cardmgs[3746]: executing `modprobe serial_cs`
kernel: serial_cs: RequestIO: No more items
cardmgs[3746]: get dev info on socket 1 failed: No such device.

After some research I found the following explenation:
"The card is a dual-voltage 3.3V/5V card but
its configuration appears to only describe how to set up the card for
3.3V operation.  The card was powered up at 5V by the bridge, and the
PCMCIA drivers are looking for a 5V configuration, and not finding

The solution was to upgrade the serial_cs driver which is part of the
package, however this package only supports 2.4 kernels, not 2.6. Checking
version information within serial_cs confirms that the one privoded in 2.6
is older
than the one provided within the pcmcia-cs package.

Does anyone have any thoughts / suggestions for how I can resolve this?


-Jeff Fern

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