Problem with 32bit Cardbus

elwe at elwe at
Tue Oct 12 04:26:52 EDT 2004

Sorry, I should have mentioned the lspci -vv included on my previous mail 
was taken with the card in. I can't see any difference in the lspci output 
whether the card is in or out.


On Mon, 11 Oct 2004, Russell King wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 11, 2004 at 10:06:21PM +0100, elwe at wrote:
> > I cannot get 32bit cardbus cards to work with an IPC Powernote M+ laptop 
> > with an ENE CB1410 Cardbus controller. I am using Fedora Core 2 with 
> > kernel 2.6.8-1.541.
> > 
> > Once I plug the card in I can see it with cardctl status but cardctl ident 
> > returns:
> cardctl ident only returns information for PCMCIA cards not cardbus
> cards.  Check the output of lspci when you insert the card.

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