Question: bus-info for 16 bit cards ?

Jean Tourrilhes jt at
Thu Oct 7 17:33:34 EDT 2004


	As part of my transition to Hotplug from old Pcmcia scripts,
I'm trying to emulate/recreate all features of those old Pcmcia
scripts with the Hotplug system. This is to make sure that when Pcmcia
fully transition to Hotplug, I'm ready. I'm almost 100% complete.

	One of the feature missing is the slot-number (socket-number)
for 16 bits cards (as well as instance).
	If you have multiple Pcmcia sockets, the slot-number allow you
to tell in which socket the card is plugged. For a typical laptop,
this would be the top or bottom slot.
	For 32 bits cards, I've verified that the "bus_info", aka
pci_name(lp->pci_dev) give the equivalent functionality. Different
cards in the same socket always get the same bus_info, and the same
card in different socket get different bus_info.
	For 16 bits cards, it doesn't seem that the Pcmcia subsystem
currently export such information (apart from the slot-number through

	I guess the transition of 16 bits Pcmcia to Hotplug is not
finished yet, but I would some more clues...
	Thanks in advance...


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