trouble with TI PCI1410 on IBM G40 w/ 2.6.6

Pavel Roskin proski at
Wed May 26 12:30:48 EDT 2004

On Wed, 26 May 2004, joshua reich wrote:

>> There have been changes to deal with improperly initialized TI cards.  My
>> patch was applied and later reverted in 2.4 series due to problems with
>> laptops.  Another, more complicated patch was created by Daniel Ritz, and
>> it's now used in 2.6 kernels.
> It's odd. When I moved back to 2.4.(cant remember) I started getting
> 'unable to apply power' messages, so i fiddled with various setup_delay
> parameters, to no avail.

You have a memory overlap (your other message confirms it).  The driver 
that expects to access registers deals with RAM instead.  All messages are 

>> P.S. Or maybe you added memory and hit a bug in GNU GRUB (it's fixed in
>> CVS version of GNU GRUB).
> Thats possible. I noticed that I only appear to have 896MB reported
> whereas I have 1024 installed. I was going to deal with that after PCMCIA
> was working.

That's a separate problem.  See "Processor type and features" -> "High 
Memory Support" in the kernel configuration, or just remove 
CONFIG_NOHIGHMEM=y from .config and run "make oldconfig".

>> 1) If you are using GNU GRUB to load the kernel, please use
>> --no-mem-option option for the kernel command:
> no joy with that. it doesnt seem to fix the 896MB/1024MB issue either (i'm
> not sure if it should)

It cannot fix the 896MB/1024MB issue, but it expected it to fix the PCMCIA 
problems.  Apparently it doesn't.

"lspci -v" used to show "Memory at 3f6fb000".  I believe that area has 
shifted elsewhere because 0x3f700000-0x40000000 is now marked as reserved 
(which is a good thing).

Please post the output of "lspci -v" for the bridge again, after booting 
with --no-mem-option and 1Gb of memory.

Also please post the contents of /proc/iomem (you posted /proc/meminfo).

Pavel Roskin

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