2.6.x kernels & PCI-to-PCMCIA bridges [again]

jar at pcuf.fi jar at pcuf.fi
Tue May 11 13:38:29 BST 2004

> Wrong.  You can only load one instance of any particular driver.
> In fact, what will happen is that your drivers ->probe method will be
> called a _second_ time - once for the first device and again for the
> second device.
> When this happens, your static data for the first device will be
> overwritten, possibly leading to a kernel oops at some point later,
> as well as the obvious memory leak and non-functioning first device.

I am using this PD6729 driver about one week now. It seems to work
properly at least with one PCI-to-PCMCIA bridge. But naturally, if there
are weaknesses in the code, they have to be fixed.

At some point we have two voluntaries. Does anybody working to fix the
code at the moment?

Best Regards, Jar

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