FW: TI1510 probelm - can you help direct me?

Matthew Wilcox willy at debian.org
Fri May 7 03:42:16 BST 2004

On Thu, May 06, 2004 at 07:28:45PM -0400, Pavel Roskin wrote:
> I enabled CONFIG_PNPBIOS in the kernel and found what uses that range.
> >From lspnp output (lspnp utility is included with pcmcia-cs):
> 0a PNP0a03 bridge controller: PCI
>         io 0x0294-0x0297
>         io 0x04d0-0x04d1
>         io 0x0cf8-0x0cff
>         io 0x0480-0x048f
>         io 0x4000-0x40f7
> CONFIG_PNPBIOS wasn't enabled because it was unavailable without
> CONFIG_ISA defined.  And CONFIG_ISA wasn't defined because I assumed from
> the help that it's responsible only for ISA cards: "Find out whether you
> have ISA slots on your motherboard."

That needs to get fixed then.  I think PNPBIOS needs to stop depending on
ISA.  PNPBIOS should depend on X86, not ISA.

> Unfortunately, enabling CONFIG_PNPBIOS didn't reserve the regions as shown
> in /proc/iomem.  yenta_socket would still use 0x4000-0x40ff.
> I understand the reason.  The PNPBIOS cannot be reserved unconditionally.
> A driver for the device described by PNPBIOS (PCI bridge in this case)
> should be able to claim the resource.  Other drivers (yenta_socket) should
> not use that resource.

Ah, you misunderstand.  Resources allow nesting; it's possible (indeed,
desirable) for a bus driver to claim the resources as allocatable (ie
request_resource() instead of request_region()).

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