SOLVED: snd-hdsp+cardbus=distortion

Tim Blechmann TimBlechmann at
Wed May 5 12:20:50 BST 2004

hi all,

both ico and myself were able to solve our problems with the hdsp and
the cardbus interface:

ene1410 cardbus bridge (ico): 
ico had to enable "Memory read burst enable upstream" and "TLTEnable" on
his cardbus bridge. the fix for that was added to the kernel's pcmcia
subsystem and is probably released in one of the following releases.

o2micro 6933 (myself):
i had to enable "read prefetching" on my cardbus bridge, a flag that
windows didn't need to run the hdsp, but the systems seem to be quite
different (thanks to eric still from o2micro for this hint)
there is no kernel fix for that, yet, but i suppose the kernel guys will
write one pretty quick...

ti pci1250 (timothy):
the problem with this cardbus bridge isn't solved, yet ... anyway, i
suppose that after solving the problems with the 2 cardbus bridges, it's
probably much easyer to solve this...

if someone experiences the same problem as we had on any cardbus bridge,
this problem seems to be fixable ... 
the way to go is, find out as much as you can about your cardbus bridge
(not very easy in some cases), send a report to the kernel maintainers
of the pcmcia subsystem (linux-pcmcia at, they should
be able to fix that...

anyway, thanks a lot to all the guys who helped me ...

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