2.6.x kernels & PCI-to-PCMCIA bridges [again]

jar jar at pcuf.fi
Wed May 5 11:47:05 BST 2004

komujun at nifty.com wrote:
> linux/drivers/pcmcia/rsrc_mgr.c in 2.6.x is rewritten,
> and not same as rsrc_mgr.c in 2.4.x.
> The PD6729 driver works properly 
> if you remove SS_CAP_PAGE_REGS from the pd6729.c.
> This suggests find_mem_region has some problem 
> and can not find proper memory region.

I have already do that. The PD6729 driver _is_ _working_ very well and
it should be added to the kernel sources I think.

Only issue I have is the pcmcia system restarting. I get couple of times
 "cs: unable to map card memory!" messages. This is most probably
because  the rmmod can't unload the pd6729 module, even if the driver
for the pcmcia card and cardmanager is unloaded. This is not happen with
i82365 driver. Maybe this is just cosmetic.

When I try to add "/sbin/cardctl eject" command just before rmmods
(rmmod ds, rmmod pd6729, rmmod pcmcia_core) to free the pd6729 module,
kernel panics after cardmgr exiting.

Can you run /sbin/cardctl eject successfully?
Can you unload all those modules?

Regards, Jar

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