2.6.x kernels & PCI-to-PCMCIA bridges [again]

jar jar at pcuf.fi
Sun May 2 14:04:29 BST 2004

komujun at nifty.com wrote:
>>3) When I restart the pcmcia system "service pcmcia restart" I still get
> onne message: "cs: unable to map card memory!"
> "find_mem_region" function in linux/drivers/pcmcia/rsrc_mgr.c
> can not find the proper memory region in your PC.
> I think this is not a problem of the PD6729 driver.

The card with i82365 driver from external pcmcia package is working OK
in this pc.

Or is this because the pcmcia init.d script can't unload the modules,
when it do the "service pcmcia stop".

kill cardmanager OK
rmmod ds OK
rmmod pd6729 ERROR: Module pd6729 is in use.
rmmod pcmcia_core ERROR: Module pcmcia_core is use by pd6729.

> If your PD6729 is a PCI card-reader, please change your PC
> and try again.

My problem is same as yours I guess, Compag WL200 (integrated

Redards, Jar

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