2.6.x kernels & PCI-to-PCMCIA bridges [again]

komujun at nifty.com komujun at nifty.com
Sun May 2 01:00:04 BST 2004

>1) During kernel compilation, there is a warnig (two times) in function:
>pd6729_set_io_map in lin 241 "Warning: Comparison is always false due to
>limited range of data type".

Following code is unnecessary ?

-	if ((io->start > 0xffff) || (io->stop > 0xffff) || (io->stop < io->start)){
-		dprintk("pd6729_set_io_map with invalid io");
-		return -EINVAL;
-	}

>2) When the pd6729 controller and the pccard are detected successfully
>this driver doesn't beep two times as the i82365 and yenta drivers do.

Please check [Device]-[Input device support]-[Misc]-{PC Speaker support]
in your kernel configuration.

>3) When I restart the pcmcia system "service pcmcia restart" I still get
>onne message: "cs: unable to map card memory!"

I can't reproduce this in my system.
"/etc/init.d/pcmcia restart" works properly.

Best Regards

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