help for Cardbus CF adaptor

Dan Baryon d_baryon at
Mon Feb 23 21:55:48 GMT 2004


I just got a Delkin 32bit Cardbus adaptor for CF flash disk and tried it 
on linux.
Under kernel 2.6.0-mm2, the adaptor seems to be dected but the cf disk 
is not.
The output of "cardctl config" is:
Vcc 3.3V Vpp1 3.3V Vpp2 3.3V
interface type is "cardbus"
irq 3 ...
function 0:

Nothing else can be found in the kernel.log, and
with the kernel used I have no problem in using the cf flash disk
via the usual 16bit adaptors.

Curiousely, I noticed that under windows XP the CF disk in the cardbus 
is recognized as a scsi disk. However, according to  the site 
(, this adaptor 
contains NPATA-32,
and this chip seems not a scsi device according to  

Your comments will be appreciated very much.

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