Maintainer for 2.6: anyone?

Russell King rmk+pcmcia at
Sat Dec 6 20:28:50 GMT 2003

On Sat, Dec 06, 2003 at 10:07:30AM -0800, David Hinds wrote:
> Is anyone willing to step up and submit their name as maintainer of
> PCMCIA for 2.6?  I am still listed as that in the MAINTAINERS file but
> have been only peripherally involved in changes to the core code.

I suggest we mark the entry in MAINTAINERS as anonymous and unmaintained
at present.

If someone wants to co-maintain PCMCIA, act on bug reports, and so forth,
then maybe I'd reconsider.  However, up until now, all bug reports have
come my way, and I've found that x86 hardware is hellishly unpredictable
and trying to get the relevant information from users isn't as easy as
I'd hoped it would be.

I am willing to continue to pick up bug fixes when and where I can (as
Linus requested; to act as a concentration/submission point for pcmcia
patches.)  However, please be aware that I have other commitments, some
of them capable of significantly delaying this activity.  (IOW, some
times people will have to scream and shout, and continue doing that
until something happens.)

Russell King
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 maintainer of:  2.6 PCMCIA      -
                 2.6 Serial core

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