PCMCIA problems with IXP425 and Orinoco card

Pavel Roskin proski at gnu.org
Thu Dec 4 17:42:38 GMT 2003

On Thu, 4 Dec 2003, Ognian Kabranov wrote:

> I appologize in advance if some of the questoins are too elementary, I
> started working with the board few weeks ago.
> I followed the advice from Pavel
> ===> 1). and binded anomymous with "orinoco_cs", and I managed to call
> orinoco drivers.

You mean you did it without using the fake CIS?

> Starting PCMCIA services: cardmgr[2098]: error in file 'config' line
> 2194: syntax error

What is on that line?  Have you tried to fix it?  Perhaps it was the "cis"

> cardmgr[2099]: socket 0: Anonymous Memory
> # cardmgr[2099]: could not open 'cis/orinoco.dat': No such file or directory

I see.  Create orinoco.dat as I described and put it to /etc/pcmcia/cis.

> orinoco_cs: GetFirstTuple: No more items

Most drivers, including orinoco_cs, need valid CIS.  You don't have it.

> =====> 2). I did not manage to start  'lspci -v', I am using 'busybox
> 0.6' and this command is not listed there.
> I would appreciate if you advize me where to get it from.

Try Google.  Actually, I don't think you have a PCI bus at all.

> =====> 3). I changed the /etc/pcmcia/config.opts and i am not 100% sure
> about:
>              - include ports (in IXP425 development board)
>              - memory (in IXP development board)
>              - the parameters I am giving to the orinoco card (I can
> look in the card documentation)

That actually may be the real reason why you cannot read the CIS.  You
should probably discuss it with people familiar with your board.  Most
important for you is "memory" - it's used to read the CIS.

> =====> 4). your advise to me is to run  "dump_cis -v" on the host
> computer and than to to copy on the target board (IXP425), or to execute it
> when I am connected on the target board?

I believe your only choice is to run it on another machine.

Pavel Roskin

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