[Linux-parport] The Intel parport bug

Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda leo at alaxarxa.net
Fri Jun 17 04:34:08 EDT 2011

A Dijous, 16 de juny de 2011, Adam Baker va escriure:
> The reason I gave up on trying to get this into the mainline kernel was 
> because I binned the only hardware I had that used EPP and I needed at least 
> one and preferably more people to confirm this was an effective fix for a 
> world problem, not just something that happened to once work for me.

Well, I can confirm that this patch works. I have tested it in two kind of 
boxes, both Dell: Optiplex 745 and Optiplex GX620. 

Also, I have included Jona Forsslund (sorry Jones, if you are not interested 
delete the mail) that report this solution in some hardware that he has to 
make EPP mode avalible. [1]
> As the parport driver is currently orphaned you need to post a patch to the 
> LKML if you want to get it included in mainline but if your prepared to do 
> some testing that would be the best solution for everyone.

Which kind of test? without the patch, when EPP mode is disable and with the 
EPP mode is enable. Also, I have tried to write a EPP message and seems that 




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