[Linux-parport] Interrupt calling problem in linux

AatiF Farooq se_aatif at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 24 00:59:12 EDT 2010

        i m the student of MCS and working on my final project.
my project is 
Hard disk data recovery in linux.

i was assumed that i will access the hard disk in linux using interrupt call function like in windows we include   ' bios.h '   and    ' dos.h ' and send the interrupt number in 

int86     function using a C Language program

but in linux i did not found any     ' dos.h '     file. 
i m a new to linux and i dont know much about it

i want to ask you how to call the interrupts using C Language program in linux
if you know about any website that having detail about my problem then tell me that site.
or give me some hint how to start.

thank you

   Aatif Farooq    
MCS 2008-10             

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