[Linux-parport] ASYNC I/O Reason: Reverse transfers are _slow_

malcolm blaney mblaney at gmail.com
Thu Jan 28 06:30:44 EST 2010

Hi Johann,

Hopefully this will be of use to you:


2010/1/28 Johann Klammer <klammerr at aon.at>:
> Dirk Jagdmann wrote:
>> Hallo Johann,
>> in what mode did you hook up and talk to the microcontroller? EPP and
> It uses ECP protocol using ppdev read() and write() operations in ECP mode.
> The primary hassle seem to be the lack of DMA support for reads.
>> ECP modes should provide adequate performance, but if you "invent"
>> your own protocol, or trigger every byte/nibble with your own function
>> calls to set the parallel port lines, it will always be slow.
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