[Linux-parport] Standard "legacy" printer protocol

jaguargordon jaguargordon at free.fr
Sun Oct 28 13:53:17 EDT 2007


After googling around for the "compatibility mode" or printer protocol
and finding contradictory chronograms, I'll try to ask here.

What is the _standard_ protocol for printers ? For now it looks like :
1- assert DATA lines
2- if not BUSY, short /STROBE for 1µs
3- device short /ACK for 5µs
and round it goes

Nothing about INIT, SELECT and other control/status lines.

For information, I'm trying to feed some SRAM over the parallel port
using the shell :
cat foo.bin > /dev/lp

Is parport handling the same as Windows or even MS-DOS ?
type foo.bin > LPT1

Thanks for your time.

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