[Linux-parport] scientific soundcard

neurolists at gmail.com neurolists at gmail.com
Wed Jul 11 14:04:16 EDT 2007

Greetings to everyone,
   I am a member of a scientific research group working with music and
sound using computer and neuroimaging technologies. My research group
is interested in soundcards suitable for use in an experimental setup
so I felt that your advise could be useful.
    We are interested in the most reliable soundcards that are
compatible with Linux operating systems and Mathworks-Matlab software.
Zero latency (time resolution) in both playback and recording is the
most important feature these soundcards should possess. Good A/D&D/A
converters are of importance too. Please let me know of any tested
appropriate products you might be aware of, as well as of the computer
specifications/requirements for these on a Linux pc.

I would like to thank you in advance as your help is being greatly appreciated!

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