[Linux-parport] interrupts with ppdev

Chris Fisichella chris at communityrenewables.com
Mon May 29 00:01:36 EDT 2006

Dear list,

I am trying to use ppdev in a userland program. It would be nice if I 
could use the interrupt feature it supports. Its implementation is not 
exactly clear to me. I read over Tim Waugh's paper several times. It 
seems I need to write a "1" to the IRQ enable bit of the control 
register. After that, interrupts are triggered by a negative going 
pulse on the #ACK pin (pin 10). Well, that is not working for me. I 
reviewed the archives of this list and noticed several other people 
have had questions similar to mine, but nobody has replied.

here is basically what I am doing:
  fd = open(name , O_RDWR); //name is /dev/parport0

ioctl (fd, PPCLAIM)

  // Read the control register
   theData = 0;
   ioctl(fd, PPRCONTROL, &theData)

theData |= 0x10;		//enable interrupts
ioctl(fd, PPWCONTROL, &theData)

  //p. 25 Wait for an interrupt with poll.
code not shown for simplicity, but it is essentially straight from 
Tim's book.

/* this is where I connect a 10k resistor between pin 10 and ground. */

//check to see if an interrupt was sensed
ioctl(fd, PPCLRIRQ, &interruptCount)

...and interruptCount is always zero. That tells me the interrupt is 
not being triggered. Hmm. I am out of ideas.

So, if we can get this working, I'll post the complete code back to the 
list so that others can use it.

Thanks for your time,

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