[Linux-parport] how to connect to a remote parallel port

Andreas Stricker andreas.stricker at fela.ch
Thu May 18 03:04:55 EDT 2006

Laurent Charpentier wrote:
>>From my desktop I would like to access the parallel port of my laptop and make
> it look like a local parallel port.
> How can I do this?

This won't work without customized software. It's something like the
usual remote printer paradigm, where the printer spooler get jobs
from network. On the server side there must be a daemon that accept
network connection and forward the data to the parallel port. Because
of latecy issues this daemon must implement most of the protocol of
you specific application (whatever it is). The client side is much
harder because if you really want it to look like a parport device
with its special ioctl() commands, you have to write a kernel driver
that forward this to the remote machine. And there still the timing
issues. I think it's impossible to make it transparent for the client.


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