[Linux-parport] libieee1284 and reading data lines

Chris Fisichella chris at communityrenewables.com
Fri Aug 4 21:33:12 EDT 2006


I sat down with it today and read the status 
lines. I need to do something better than poke at 
the end of a parallel cable. But, grounding the 
NACK and BUSY pins caused the return bits to 
change from 1 to 0. I have not had a chance to 
try the data lines, but I will let you know when 
I do.


>Le lundi 31 juillet 2006 12:28, Chris Fisichella a écrit :
>>  I'm in the process of doing something very similar. I need the
>>  interrupt, but I'll get the data lines to read first, I am sure. I'll
>>  post whatever I find. Hopefully I'll get to it this coming weekend.
>>  -Chris
>Thanks :-).
>P.S. :  Nevertheless, I'll study an another solution (ioctl) later in the
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