[Linux-parport] Inverting the parallel port pins

Charles Blackburn charlesb at otcgaming.net
Mon May 16 18:23:04 EDT 2005

I'm sending this to both lists on the off chance that someone may be
able to help..

I have managed to get the soundmodem (user-mode) wokring now under
2.6.11 (latest knoppix installed to HD), but the problem comes in that
the radio is constantly keyed up.

It seems that the data0 pin on parport0 is being held high by something
and I cant work out what.

I've searched through the archives going back the past year or so and
there have been several messages on the linux--hams one about this same

Basically what I'm asking, is there any way to invert the pin on the
parallel port in the user-mode soundmodem driver? It was metioned by
someone that there should be an option in sethdlc, but the problem is,
sethdlc doesn’t work with the user-mode soundmodem.

Hopefully someone can help (btw the interface works fine under windows
:( )

Regards and 73
Charles - 2E0GOM
ARICC UK Co-Ordinator - http://www.aricc.org
Kirklees RAYNET - http://www.kirkleesraynet.org.uk

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