[Linux-parport] Help me!! I can't insmod module i2c-pcf-epp

vohuynhvu linuxparport vohuynhvu.linuxparport at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 05:09:55 EST 2005

I'm running Redhat 9 OS with kernel 2.4.20-8. I installed successfully
package i2c-2.9.0 and have made an i2c adaptor (pcf8584 on an EPP).
This is the schematic: <http://voxel.at/prj/i2c/images/i2c/i2c_adap.gif>

After loading 3 module: i2c-core, i2c-dev, i2c-algo-pcf; I tried to
load module i2c-pcf-epp but got into errors:

# dmesg
   i2c_pcf_add_bus cause an error: -6

Can you tell me what was going wrong? Can you guide me to solve this
problem? Thanks for any of your help? Hope to hear from you soon.

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