[Linux-parport] parport_enumerate() gone -- how to move up to the new parport?

Al Hooton al at hootons.org
Tue Nov 2 21:05:19 EST 2004


	I've done a bunch of googling on this, but still have a couple

	I have a kernel module that has built/worked fine since the 2.0 days.
It uses parport, and has used the parport_enumerate() function to find
the ports available when it starts up.

	It appears that parport_enumerate() is gone as of the 2.6 kernel, and
there might be other changes as well.  However, I have been searching
for updated documentation on the parport API, and can only find stuff
related to 2.4 and earlier kernels.

	1) Can anyone point me to current docs for the parport API?

	2) (dreaming): Has anyone put together a parport porting guide for
developers of modules that use it?

	I need to port this module up to the current day parport stuff, but I'm
running in to a wall without docs on the current API.



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