[PATCH] ubifs: Fix a potential space leak problem while linking tmpfile

Richard Weinberger richard.weinberger at gmail.com
Tue Jul 7 07:26:58 EDT 2020

On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 1:28 PM Zhihao Cheng <chengzhihao1 at huawei.com> wrote:
> There is a potential space leak problem while linking tmpfile, in which
> case, inode node (with nlink=0) is valid in tnc (on flash), which leads
> to space leak. Meanwhile, the corresponding data nodes won't be released
> from tnc. For example, (A reproducer can be found in Link):
> $ mount UBIFS
>   [process A]            [process B]         [TNC]         [orphan area]
>  ubifs_tmpfile                          inode_A (nlink=0)     inode_A
>                           do_commit     inode_A (nlink=0)     inode_A
>>       (comment: It makes sure not replay inode_A in next mount)
>  ubifs_link                             inode_A (nlink=0)     inode_A
>    ubifs_delete_orphan                  inode_A (nlink=0)
>                           do_commit     inode_A (nlink=0)
>                            ---> POWERCUT <---
>    (ubifs_jnl_update)
> $ mount UBIFS
>   inode_A will neither be replayed in ubifs_replay_journal() nor
>   ubifs_mount_orphans(). inode_A (nlink=0) with its data nodes will
>   always on tnc, it occupy space but is non-visable for users.
> Commit ee1438ce5dc4d ("ubifs: Check link count of inodes when killing
> orphans.") handles problem in mistakenly deleting relinked tmpfile
> while replaying orphan area. Since that, tmpfile inode should always
> live in orphan area even it is linked. Fix it by reverting commit
> 32fe905c17f001 ("ubifs: Fix O_TMPFILE corner case in ubifs_link()").

Well, by reverting this commit you re-introduce the issue it fixes. ;-\


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