Octal RAM driver support related query

Miquel Raynal miquel.raynal at bootlin.com
Mon Jul 6 02:27:09 EDT 2020

Hi Priyank,

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Priyank Bhatt <priyankbhatt196 at gmail.com> wrote on Mon, 6 Jul 2020
11:05:14 +0530:

> Hi Miquel,
> I am working on NXP's iMX8 and trying to communicate to an ISSI Octal RAM with its flexSPI interface. I was recently going through a presentation *MTD: What's new? *from www.bootlin.com and at the end I found that in what's next section you have listed hyperRAM support.
> So my question: Is there any OctalRAM supported driver which I can refer to create my own for a specific chip manufacturer?
> Right now I am referring mchp23k256.c(microchip) SPI RAM driver inside /driver/mtd/devices. But I am a little confused as to how to use my driver in Octal mode.

I guess we should ask Vignesh about it because he is the one mastering
this subsystem, I could only give you dump answers about these devices


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