[PATCH 01/27] mtd: nand: introduce function to fix a common bug in most nand-drivers not showing a device in sysfs

Alexander Holler holler at ahsoftware.de
Wed May 28 20:53:55 PDT 2014

Am 28.05.2014 23:49, schrieb Brian Norris:
> On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 11:09:05PM +0200, Alexander Holler wrote:
>> I'm very sorry, but I find such discussions extremly tiresome.
>> If you just would have suggested that one if to prevent that someone who
>> doesn't c&p existing code would end up with a clobbered name (which he
>> obviously can't miss if he ever would test his new or changed driver),
>> than I maybe would have send a v2 with that if. But all the other noise
>> just made me to want I never had send (again) a patch to LKML. It is
>> almost impossible to avoid such answers and it turns every patch posting
>> into a endless story where people do want to discuss every line or even
>> character of totally silly things.
> It would help if you brought a more open attitude to the table.

Your doesn't accept that other people do write code different than you 
and you want to tell me I have to bring a more open attitude to the table?

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