[PATCH v2] mtd-utils: integck: add support for volume specific power-cut test

Mats Kärrman Mats.Karrman at tritech.se
Tue May 27 07:15:01 PDT 2014


On Tuesday, May 27, 2014 2:37 PM, Artem Bityutskiy wrote:
> But I think I see the problem with this solution now.
> The problem is that with this we won't get power cut emulated while you
> mount the file system.
> Before this change, we could have something like:
> 1. Working with the FS, power-cut
> 2. Unmount the FS, start mounting -> power-cut in the middle of mount.
> So we could test power cuts while we are in the middle of recovery from
> the previous power cuts, in a way "nested" power-cuts.
> With your change, we never have them.

With the old version we didn't get a power-cut at all, unless power-cuts
were first globally enable by writing "1" to 

This is still possible!

What wasn't possible before was to test only one filesystem image if
there are more. The way I see it, my change extends what is possible,
it doesn't limit it.

You are correct of course, that power-cut during remount isn't tested if
the test isn't run with global enable, but remounting is not a normal
use-case (!?) for someone using ubifs as the rootfs.

BR // Mats

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