[PATCH v2] mtd: nand: omap: fix BCHx ecc.correct to return detected bit-flips in erased-page

Gupta, Pekon pekon at ti.com
Thu May 22 10:56:47 PDT 2014

>From: Brian Norris [mailto:computersforpeace at gmail.com]
>On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 04:43:35AM +0000, Pekon Gupta wrote:
>> This fix is really important to be marked as stable, as some users of OMAP
>> platforms have spawning out from 3.10 and 3.12 kernel to go for production.
>> And quite a few of them might be using NAND for their booting purpose,
>> so without this patch any bit-flip on their erased-pages will not be detected.
>Well, I don't think it's actually as dire as you say. The erased-page
>bitflips won't be flagged as -EUCLEAN, but they will be "corrected." I
>expect that this should be fine mostly.
>But anyway, tagged for -stable and re-queued to l2-mtd.git.
Thanks much from TI support team. You saved them from many
unrelated queries :-), as some newer technology MLC NAND are
showing significant number of bit-flips on erased-pages.
Some users compare do apple to apple comparison of logs on
different kernels. And so if older versions of kernel were not 
howing bit-flips in erased-page and newer version are showing,
there is suspicion on driver.

>In the future, I may be less likely to do this kind of rebasing. Note
>that there is still a procedure for getting fixes to -stable after their
> - Send the patch, after verifying that it follows the above rules, to
>   stable at vger.kernel.org.  You must note the upstream commit ID in the
>   changelog of your submission, as well as the kernel version you wish
>   it to be applied to.
Ok thanks. But I think anything going to stable would still require your Ack
as maintainer. I myself be more alert next time to mark genuine ones
stable in commit log.

with regards, pekon

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