mxc_nand: Problem with K9F1G08X0A Samsung flash

javier Martin javier.martin at
Fri Jun 26 05:04:53 EDT 2009

Hello, I am using a Samsung K9F1G08X0A NAND flash with my i.mx27 based
board and last stable 2.6.30 kernel.

I am experimenting the same problem as Alberto Panizzo
Linux does not detect any correct block in my NAND flash.

Scanning device for bad blocks
Bad eraseblock 0 at 0x000000000000
Bad eraseblock 1 at 0x000000020000
Bad eraseblock 2 at 0x000000040000
Bad eraseblock 3 at 0x000000060000
Bad eraseblock 4 at 0x000000080000
Bad eraseblock 5 at 0x0000000a0000
Bad eraseblock 6 at 0x0000000c0000
Bad eraseblock 7 at 0x0000000e0000
.... all blocks ...
Bad eraseblock 2045 at 0x00000ffa0000
Bad eraseblock 2046 at 0x00000ffc0000
Bad eraseblock 2047 at 0x00000ffe0000
RedBoot partition parsing not available
Registering mxc_nand as whole device

I read some people saying that it is due to the lack of 2KB page
support. Also Vladimir Barinov said he would post a patch for this in
a separate thread but I couldn't find it.

Have you already solved this problem?

Thank you.

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