Longs spinlock on NOR reads

Roger Lucas roger at hiddenengine.co.uk
Thu Jun 25 18:41:19 EDT 2009


Dear MTD,

I am working with a customer with an embedded ARM-9 processor in a real time

system.  The system is running a stock 2.6.18 kernel and uses a NOR device
its main storage.

We have noticed that when we perform large reads (> 32KB) from the FLASH
the /dev/mtdN device, the real-time performance of the system is impacted
interrupts get held off.  We did some digging and found that the kernel will

permit reads up to 128KB in size to be made via the mtd driver in a single
call.  This in turn passes through the mtd driver and ends up at the chip
In our case, we are using the 'cfi_cmdset_0002.c' driver.  When the call
at cfi_amstsd_read(), since it is within the single NOR chip that we are
a single call is made to do_read_onechip().  This function takes a spinlock,

performs the FULL memory copy and releases the spinlock.  It is the long 
duration of the spinlock over the full memory copy that is impacting our 
real-time performance.

If a NOR chip has ~70ns access time then an efficient memory subsystem
be able to make ~10M accesses per second.  If the chip is 16-bits wide then 
a 128KB copy will ~7ms.  This is a long time to hold a spinlock in a 
real-time system.  We inspected the mtd driver code and it will only
transfers over 128KB in length.

This problem does not occur with accesses to /dev/mtdblockN devices because 
they are automatically broken into 512 byte sectors.  It is a problem with
/dev/mtdN devices and also with JFFS2 operations.

We have a simple fix that splits up read accesses into 512 byte chunks
cfi_amdstd_read() and performs multiple calls to do_read_onechip() until the
full data length has been copied.  There is no change to the external API
the overall performance does not seem to be noticeably degraded even though
a lot more calls to do_read_onechip() are required.

Before going through the process of submitting patches etc., is this a 
problem that has been identified or experienced before?  I have searched the
mailing list but not seen any obvious references...

If it seems a reasonable observation and fix, would you like me to post a 
patch?  I can only patch and test the 'cfi_cmdset_0002.c' driver but it 
would be a simple process for it to be applied to the other chips.

Best regards,


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