MLC Support in JFFS2

apgmoorthy moorthy.apg at
Wed Jun 24 02:50:51 EDT 2009

On Tuesday, June 23, 2009 6:50 PM David Woodhouse wrote:
> Your mail program is behaving very strangely -- your quotes are quite
> hard to read. Is there any chance you could use a better one? 

- Earlier Mailer had some issues , Now using a different one.
> So instead of erasing blocks without cleanmarker _immediately_ on
> startup, we just put them on a 'to be erased' list. Whenever the
> empty_list is getting short of blocks, we erase another block from the
> 'to be erased' list and move it to the empty list.
> It does mean that if you keep rebooting over and over again, you're
> probably going to increase your erase count. But with a long-lived
> system, it's likely to be more efficient than the large cleanmarker?
> What do you think?

- Yes , the solution looks a better tradeoff.
  Will work in that direction and get a pacth.
  Later we can look into a way to optimize erase count. 

With Regards

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