RFC: [PATCH] MTD OneNAND: multiblock erase support

Adrian Hunter adrian.hunter at nokia.com
Mon Jun 15 06:11:56 EDT 2009

Mika Korhonen wrote:
> I wrote an initial support for OneNAND multiblock erase feature.  When
> done in maximum 64 eraseblock batches multiblock erase is up to 30x
> faster than block-by-block erase (not including erase verify, though).
> However, I only had possibility to test this with an OMAP board, so I
> don't know if e.g. the default onenand_wait needs adjustment. Also for
> Flex-OneNAND the support goes off. Does Flex even have mb erase?
> What do you think?

I expect all OneNAND support multiblock erase, so the config should
go away.  Kyungmin can probably comment on that.

Waiting for multiblock-erase, you should probably spin, not use the
interrupt line.  You should change the wait function in
onenand_base and omap2.c.

You should handle multiple multiblock erases.

You should check for bad blocks *before* doing command 0x95

Waiting for erase-verify, you should probably spin too.

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