patch for 64 bit wide flash

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Fri Dec 21 04:14:13 EST 2001

adam.wozniak at said:
> I've got a 64 bit wide flash consisting of eight 8bit wide chips.
> Here's a patch against the 2.4.16 kernel 

I'm a little concerned about the following bit - gcc is fairly crap at 
dealing with 64-bit datatypes. I'd prefer to do that only if it's 
necessary. Can we define a cfi_busword type which is only as big as we need 
- so it's only a __u64 if CONFIG_MTD_CFI_B8 is set?

@@ -337,9 +393,9 @@
 static inline __u32 cfi_send_gen_cmd(u_char cmd, __u32 cmd_addr, __u32 base,
 				struct map_info *map, struct cfi_private *cfi,
-				int type, __u32 *prev_val)
+				int type, __u64 *prev_val)
-	__u32 val;
+	__u64 val;
 	__u32 addr = base + cfi_build_cmd_addr(cmd_addr, CFIDEV_INTERLEAVE, type);
 	val = cfi_build_cmd(cmd, map, cfi);


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