Map driver usage

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Wed Dec 19 08:21:37 EST 2001

rob at said:
>  I just looked at Aleksander Sanochkin's code as Jörn suggested. It
> looks as if it indeed implements just what I need for my mapping
> driver. (Actually it  implements quite a few more things, I only need
> support for partitions that  are not physically contiguous). I see
> that his code has not made it into the   MTD CVS so far. Is that
> because you have objections ? I would really like to  build on this
> stuff in my mapping driver.

The plan, such as there was one, was to leave 2.4 as it is for a while, and 
to adopt Jörn's code in 2.5 - so I hadn't applied Aleksander's patch; I was 
hoping that its extra functionality would be merged into Jörn's version 
before the time comes to start paying attention to 2.5 and playing with the 
MTD code.


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